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Tank demonstrated the best way to pass a cyclist, leaving motorists with no more excuses

Tank demonstrated the best way to pass a cyclist, leaving motorists with no more excuses

If you’ve ever been close-passed by a car while cycling, you know how terrifying and unnerving it can be. Regardless of whether it’s a tiny hatchback or a massive truck, the feeling of a giant aluminum box on wheels buzzing past you is a harrowing experience. And, in cases where the vehicle gets dangerously close, the consequences can be fatal.

In many parts of the world, there are now laws in place that mandate a minimum passing distance when overtaking a cyclist, typically ranging from 1 m to 1.5 m. However, these rules can be challenging to enforce, and all too often, cyclists resort to sharing videos of cars blatantly disregarding the law.

When a motorist is passing a cyclist, they may need to slow down, especially if there is oncoming traffic, to ensure a safe and respectful passing distance. Of course, this necessitates patience on the part of the driver, a virtue that can sometimes be in short supply.

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Recently, a Twitter user going by the handle Bikery1966 shared a powerful image of a tank passing a cyclist. The tank, operated by a member of the Royal Armoured Corps, can be seen giving the cyclist an ample amount of space. Moreover, the road ahead appears to be completely clear of any oncoming traffic, ensuring a safe passage.

This image serves as a stark reminder that giving cyclists plenty of room when passing is not only a legal requirement in many places but also a matter of common courtesy and, most importantly, safety. Motorists should take note of this powerful example and make a conscious effort to share the road responsibly with their two-wheeled counterparts. With this clear demonstration, there are now no more excuses for unsafe passing of cyclists.

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