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‘The 90-Year-Old Cyclist’: A heartwarming journey on two wheels

an older man rides his bike

“The 90-Year-Old Cyclist” documentary is a touching exploration of the life of Benjamin Piovesan, a non-competitive cyclist whose late-in-life love affair with cycling is beautifully captured by his grandson, Florent Piovesan.

The film delves into the heart of Benjamin Piovesan’s passion for cycling, going beyond the typical narratives of competition and physical prowess. It offers viewers a unique perspective on the sport, emphasizing the joy, camaraderie, and fulfillment that can be found on two wheels, regardless of age or athletic prowess.

Born in November 1933, Benjamin Piovesan defied conventional expectations of aging by embracing the freedom and exhilaration of cycling well into his later years. In retirement, he consistently pedaled an impressive 500 km over six days, maintaining a monthly average of 800 to 1000 km. At the age of 76, he even conquered Mont Ventoux.

He grew up in Italy, but his family ultimately moved to France in 1947 to find work. Piovesan then acquired French citizenship, which meant he had to undergo compulsory military service. He spent 28 months in French Algeria. After that, he held various jobs, including working as a delivery man, a driving instructor, and a produce salesman.

Piovesan becomes the embodiment of the joy and community that cycling can bring to individuals. By weaving together family ties with a passion for cycling, the film captures the essence of what makes this cyclist’s journey so special. Check out “The 90-Year-Old Cyclist” below.

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