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The best cycling shoes for wide feet, from someone who has wide feet

Wide shoes

The best cycling shoes, or the best gravel cycling shoes for that matter, are a key part of your performance. Those of you with skinny feet can choose based on style, weight, or closure mechanism without having too much of an impact. Those of us with wide feet, and I count myself among you, cannot simply pick anything from the list without risking discomfort at best, and injury at worst.

For years I struggled in narrow shoes. I just assumed sore feet was just par for the course for cyclists, like how I also assumed that numb privates were the norm until I tried different saddles. It was only after a bike fit, during which I not only tried some wide shoes but also proper insoles, that I saw the light, and since then I’ve decided to make it my mission to pull together a comprehensive list of the brands that offer wide versions of their shoes, and where possible test them actually to let you know how wide they actually are. For reference, my feet are an EU44 and 102mm wide when splayed out with my weight through them. Not super wide, but wide enough that most normal bike shoes don’t fit.

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