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The Biking Lawyer had the ultimate troll in response to a ridiculous ad from the police

A car almost hits a girl in an ad from Richmond RCMP

After the Richmond RCMP posted a ludicrous video on X (formerly Twitter) about the responsibility of pedestrians when it comes to collisions, David Shellnutt, the Biking Lawyer had a brilliant response.

The article that was linked was titled, “Pedestrian safety is a two-way street: What pedestrians and drivers can do to make our roadways safer.”

Collision data

The piece went on to list some facts about collisions. “In 2022, Richmond RCMP investigated a total of 65 collisions involving pedestrians. 43 of those occurred during the winter months. To date in 2023, Richmond RCMP investigated 47 collisions involving pedestrians,” the report began. It then went on to say that drivers and pedestrians should take measures to avoid collisions.

The suggestions for pedestrians were things like making eye contact with motorists, being careful at intersections, wearing reflective clothing and removing headphones when you cross the road.

Video about shared responsibility

In the video posted, however, it shows a pedestrian walking in a dark hoodie and wearing headphones. The woman then almost gets hit by a driver who was checking his phone. Since the post suggested that pedestrian/driver responsibility should be shared, many replies were rightly upset. The community notes text beneath the post added onto this, saying, “The province of British Columbia has a Distracted Driving Law that prohibits the use of handheld devices such as cell phones. No laws prohibit the use of headphones or hoodies while pedestrians use marked crosswalks. In this video, only the driver performs an illegal act.”

Shellnut then quote tweeted the post by the Richmond RCMP. “We’re asking elected officials, police & all those responsible for road safety to reimagine their messaging. Focus on the giant elephant in the room (dangerous driving) & less on victimizing vulnerable road users,special shout out to Richmond RCMP.”

He also posted a photo of two cars, one black and one yellow. The message was since it’s getting darker earlier, motorists should be sure to paint their cars to make them more…

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