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The Canadian superfan gave Derek Gee the absolute best gift at the Giro

Sean Moretti the Canadian superfan at the Giro d'Italia and Derek Gee

There’s a new tifoso in town, Italy, and his name is Sean Moretti. The Canadian became the talk of the Internet during Stage 10 when he ran beside Gee in the breakaway, flag in hand. “Let’s go Derek, come on! You’re built for this,” he said, as he ran beside the Israel – Premier Tech rider.. “Let’s go buddy! Come on! You’re an animal! You’re a fucking monster!”

Meet the Giro’s ultimate Canadian superfan, Sean Moretti

“I know you’re a birder,” he says. “I can’t say thank you enough for the inspiration. It’s such a pleasure to cheer for you.”

Gee then responds how he can’t thank Moretti enough for his support.

Before the start of Stage 17, they exchanged presents. Moretti had clearly done his research. Ottawa’s Gee became a big fan of birding during the pandemic. He had begun birdwatching in 2019, but when the Olympics were pushed ahead to 2021, he went full-on Audubon. ““It was a low-effort way to spend my free time. This year, I’m attempting a ‘big year,’ where I track every single species of bird I encounter,” he explained. “This sport takes me to incredible locations. I’ve already explored Australia, the U.A.E., and various parts of Europe, so my tally should be impressive.”

So it makes sense that Moretti would give him a very special book. As you can see in the video, it says “uccelli” on the book he gives him: Italian for birds. Gee then presents the Vancouver cyclist one of his very special most combative numbers he won for being the most aggressive rider of the day.

Gee currently sits second in the points classification, after an incredible Giro debut. He has placed second three times, as a fourth. He is also the rider who has spent the most kilometres away in breakaways, with a total of 779 km in escapes.

Watch this awesome moment between two Canadians below.

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