Saturday, 4 February 2023

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The Cycling Podcast / Kilometre 0 – The World Tour?

The Cycling Podcast / Kilometre 0 – The World Tour?

Episode 15: In recent months some sports, notably soccer and NBA basketball but others too, have raised the profile of the Black Lives Matter movement highlighting professional cycling’s silence on the issue.

Kévin Reza is the only black rider in the 2020 Tour de France peloton. While there have been initiatives to develop riders in Africa and Guadeloupe what is the pathway like for young black athletes in cycling’s established territories?

As well as hearing from Reza, in this episode we speak to Mani Arthur of the Black Cyclists Network, set up to show black and minority ethnic riders that there is a cycling community for them. @BCNTweet

And Tejay van Garderen and Jonathan Vaughters of EF Pro Cycling consider the obstacles in the way of black athletes and what can be done to make cycling more inclusive.

Kilometre 0 by The Cycling Podcast is supported by Zwift, the app for riding, training and racing at home. Kilometre 0 is a 15-part series published on weekday mornings during the Tour de France.

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