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The Cycling Podcast / Poel Position

The Cycling Podcast / Poel Position

In this week’s regular episode of The Cycling Podcast, Daniel Friebe is joined by two of cycling’s most recognisable and beloved commentators – Renaat Schotte and Rob Hatch – to discuss to the start of the European road season and look ahead to the cyclocross Worlds in Tábor, Czechia. 

The reigning ‘cross world champions, Mathieu van der Poel and Fem Van Empel, are both favourites to retain their titles at the weekend. Renaat tells us why a Van der Poel victory, in particular, looks a safe bet…but possibly not a foregone conclusion. 

In the last part of the podcast, we switch our attention to the tarmac and examine some of the themes of the road season so far. After last week’s laurels for the 20-year-old Mexican wunderkind Isaac Del Toro, we’re treated to an even closer look at his journey to the top by some of the men and women who first brought him to Europe with the A.R. Monex team. 

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