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The Factor Ostro Gravel is so race-oriented it’s almost made itself redundant

The Factor Ostro Gravel is so race-oriented it's almost made itself redundant

It seems like we’ve come full circle. I remember when the 3T Exploro launched and everyone collectively lost their minds for a short time at the concept of an aero gravel bike. There have been gravel bikes since that certainly pay attention to aerodynamics, but to my mind, there hasn’t been a bike in the gravel segment that focuses so heavily on aerodynamics as the Factor Ostro Gravel. It is unashamedly a gravel race bike, so much so that it’s UCI-legal for the road.

Can something so specialist sit amongst the best gravel bikes, or even the best gravel race bikes? Well, I’m not going to tell you in this paragraph, but I think as a bike it poses some really interesting questions for the future of the segment, particularly if gravel racing and mass participation events continue to grow and reach the level of peak-fondo from six or so years ago. 

a Black Factor Ostro gravel bike

It’s something to behold from a visual standpoint, even as someone who likes colourful bikes (Image credit: Future)

Design and aesthetics 

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