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The FSA Directeur Sportif Signup is CLOSED; Let the Season Begin!


The signup is all over and it’s time to start the FSA Directeur Sportif for real!

Some quick post-deadline notes:

* Did you start making a team and not finish? Email me a team with 25 riders and 150 points and I will get it loaded. But I MUST RECEIVE IT TODAY! As soon as the flag drops in UAE, I can’t help anymore. And if you didn’t start a team, then there is no fixing the matter.

* Did you forget to hit submit? Don’t worry, if your team had 25 riders and met the rules, I submitted it for you.

* Things to do: find your friends and form a private league! This will create a standings list at the bottom of your team page. When you make a private league, only you can see it, so go nuts! Put me on there if you want (Sons of Maria Borre). But if you really want to go head to head with friends, you should both do this.

* In the meantime, feel free to tell us about your squad! What did you agonize over? What’s the theme to your team? I just started with Matti and Remco, the top two riders who I actually root for, thinking that an Olympics year should be good for them. Also we have the Editors’ League draft, and I tend to grab my drafted guys for my main team, so I don’t have split loyalties.

* Stats! Apparently a lot of you agreed with me about van der Poel! He is our top-picked big name, no doubt due to his price being below the double restriction threshold. Pogačar is on 215 teams, a reasonable number compared to past years, which tells me our pricing was correct this time. Isaac Del Toro is #1 overall, on a stunning 528 teams out of just under 800 total — this is what happens when a 1-pointer goes nuts in winter.

* For several years a rider named Chris Fontecchio has been available in the competition, and I am proud to say that I am on three teams this year! I can’t promise to score any points, since I don’t have a UCI license, but I have been riding and I do have lots of bikes, so you never know!

OK, any other thoughts you want to share as we open the competition? Thanks again to our friends at FSA! I will get a head count but usually there is a healthy competition in the shop, and with a HUGE season about to get underway, I am sure this year is no exception.

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