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The Haulback taps into Squamish’s long history of XC Marathon racing

The Haulback taps into Squamish's long history of XC Marathon racing

For 21 years, Test of Metal brought the best mountain bikers from Canada and beyond to Squamish, B.C. Bringing over a thousand racers to town, including Olympians like Geoff Kabush and Catharine Pendrel, helped establish Squamish as a mountain biking destination. While Test last ran in 2016, The Haulback is trying to tap into that legacy for the first year of its new mass-start XC Marathon event.

When it comes to bringing back the spirit of an event like the Test of Metal, the Haulback’s organizing team couldn’t be more qualified. The four main organizers, Greg Day, Terry Evans and their wives, with help from Quinn Moberg, are all veterans of the Sea-to-Sky race community. Day raced with the Rocky Mountain Factory Team and now runs Day Time Cycling in Squamish. Evans and his wife were part of the team behind the iconic NIMBY50 in Pemberton, B.C. Moberg is a life-long Squamish local, firmer pro racer and the winner of the final Test of Metal in 2016.

Quinn Moberg winning the final Test of Metal event.

Canadian MTB: You grew up racing events like Test of Metal and that series. What did having those races in town mean to you? 

Quinn Moberg: Growing up in Squamish those races meant the world to me. Watching my idols race in town was a huge inspiration for my racing career. I feel very satisfied stepping away from racing a few years having gone on to win them.

What do you think went missing when those races stopped? 

I don’t know if anything is missing per say; however, there were definitely a few transition years. I feel that a proper community bike event still exists with what Dylan has built with the Squamish Enduro, where the whole town is out watching and all the local world cup racers are taking part. Of course, it’s not a cross-country race, but things change over time and I’m happy for that evolution.

Squamish is now a mountain bike destination with international recognition. But when Test of Metal started, things were very different. Where in today’s Squamish do you still see that event’s influence? 

No doubt Squamish has changed over the years. Largely for the better, but it’s hard not to look back and miss the days when things were a little rougher, a little more grassroots, and a little less crowded. To see our tribute to Squamish’s history, all you have to do is look at our name, logo, and prizing – the winners of the Open Men and Women races will be taking home a custom Axe.

Anyone who raced Test of Metal over the…

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