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The Internet absolutely loves this little trick pro cyclists do in races

Kevin ledanois knocking a bottle with his bike

Pro cyclists can do some pretty impressive things. Descend like a maniac, climb like a gazelle, bump into each other at 60 km/h and stay upright, and generally go very, very fast.

But there’s one nifty little maneuever that always seems to impress Cycling Twitter ™: tapping a bottle of the way with their wheel.

When Kévin Ledanois of Team Arkéa Samsic saw an errant bidon, he took action and kicked it out of his way with his back wheel.

Cycling journalist Robyn Davidson tweeted how she is, “always dumbfounded by this ability.”

Lady Starblade added that, “the American commentators were completely agog at this.”

“Not sure if it’s Kévin Ledanois or Lionel Messi on a bike,” Domestique quipped.

Others said that it is not as tricky as it seems.

“Looks good, but really isn’t very difficult,” Brian O’Kelly added.

Gummibear posted that it was something they learned at a young age. “That and bunny hops were the first things I learnt how to do.”

Others pointed out that world champion Mathieu van der Poel did the same thing, except way cooler. Because, well, Mathieu van der Poel. During the dutch national championships, as he mashed up up a short climb he noticed a bottle on the pavement. Ever the showman, he casually knocked the bidon off the road with his front, not back wheel.

Mathieu van der Poel did the coolest thing with his front wheel at the Dutch champs

Check out the Frenchman’s tap of the bottle below.

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