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The MS Bike training plan: Week 1-3

The MS Bike training plan: Week 1-3

Good news! You’re determined to get out and ride that bike not only for fitness and to enjoy the warmer weather but to put your efforts to good use through an MS Bike event this summer.

We’re here to help—this is the first instalment of a three-month training program designed to help you complete a 60 or 100 km ride. The main goal with this first month of training is to get you comfortable on the bike and help you develop a consistent training plan.

First things first, though. As Philippe Tremblay points out in this primer for beginner cyclists, there are a few things you need to take care of before you get started.

Bike fit and tune-up

It’s a good idea to try to get someone at a bike store or an experienced cyclist to have a look at you on the bike to make sure it fits. There’s nothing worse than trying to spend lots of time on a bike that doesn’t fit properly. Once that’s done, get your bike into the store for a tune-up before you hit the road to make sure everything is working properly.

Get the right clothes

There’s a reason cyclists wear shorts with a padded chamois! Avoid chaffing from day one with the right gear.

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Gearing and pedals

Spend some time learning about your gears and getting in and out of your pedals. (We’ll talk about that some more below.)

Bring a water bottle

Staying hydrated is important.

Buy a spare tube

Spend some time on YouTube learning how to change a tube.

The plan outlined below gets you started with at least three rides a week, with options to add other sports to the mix and more cycling workouts for those looking for a more demanding plan. It also incorporates some strength training, which is a critical component of any training plan to help avoid muscle imbalances that can lead to injury and to promote overall fitness and health.

Suggested training week

Monday: Day off
Tuesday: Ride 1
Wednesday: Rider’s choice/strength work
Thursday: Ride 2
Friday: Day off
Saturday: Rider’s choice/strength work
Sunday: Long ride

Getting comfortable on the bike

It’s a good idea to some time with working on your bike handling skills. If you haven’t been on a bike for a while, you should do the same. Find yourself a parking lot with lots of room and take some time to work on braking and clipping in and out of your pedals, changing gears, reaching down to grab a water bottle while you’re moving, your balance and cornering.

Weekly schedule

The most important component of a…

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