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The Salty Marie: An incredible MTB Festival with amazing trails and entertainment

The Salty Marie: An incredible MTB Festival with amazing trails and entertainment

Sault Ste. Marie has become a veritable mecca for mountain biking in Ontario, and the Salty Marie Trails Fest just adding to the allure. This marks the second year of the Salty Marie (a play on those who mispronounce the city) and it’s better than ever. The proximity of hotels to the trails is a huge plus; within a 10-minute drive from downtown, you can be on the trails. The Salty Marie trail festival features live bands, beer tents, local booths, and excitement. What’s really special about the festival is its inclusivity; it’s not just about hardcore riders, but also about creating a space for mass participation and community bonding.

A festival for the love of trails

The Salty Marie festival has multiple trail events, both for running and cycling. The city has seen an explosion of mountain bike trail development in the past few years. The building of the preexisting 40 km worth of trails, the community has invested approximately $1.5 million worth of new world-class trails, including amazing flow trails and pump track.

While the festival features races, it’s important to note that it caters not only to competitive individuals but to all enthusiasts alike. The Salty Marie is designed to be a lively event suitable for racers, leisure riders, and anyone simply seeking an enjoyable time.There’s music, abeer garden and plenty of grub to grab at food trucks.

A city that loves bikes and the outdoors

The cycling community in Sault Ste. Marie is well-established, comprising various shops such as Algoma Bicycle, Duke of Windsor and Vélorution Bike & Ski, the latter, run by local legend Jan Roubal. Roubal says that over the last decade, the Soo has become an incredible spot for cycling. He grew up there, left and came back. Although there was plenty of riding when he first lived there, he says the amount of trails and riders has exploded.

“The mountain biking community here is really tight-knit but welcoming. If you stop at the parking lot at a trailhead and you’re from out of town you’re bound to strike up a conversation with a local,” he says. “Over the past couple of decades, the mountain biking scene has exploded, attracting like-minded individuals from all walks of life. In the last three years, tourism and marketing efforts have really put us on the map.” Roubal says. “What really stands out is the energy at the trailhead. The riding here is incredible, and the community vibe is strong. Being a smaller town, it’s amazing to…

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