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The science of sweat: The health benefits of cycling indoors

The science of sweat: The health benefits of cycling indoors

Before smart trainers and quality indoor cycling apps, almost no one chose to ride indoors. If you had base training on the schedule you just went out and rode no matter the weather. If you had intervals you probably had a favourite flat place with low traffic and no traffic lights or you might have a favourite hill. A chosen hill-repeats hill, or one that was simply long enough to do common effort lengths was also something you’d see discussed among cyclists in every area. When winter hit it was either layer-up and bear it, or take a break and switch sports until the weather changed enough to allow outside riding again. 

At some point rollers and magnetic trainers gained popularity and at that point, indoor riding was almost a punishment. No one chose to ride indoors unless it was a necessity. You’d look out the window and see the weather then try to mentally calculate what was going to be the lesser of two evils. The question was always, would you rather deal with the cold outside or the boredom inside?

In today’s modern world, things have changed. Today we have a collection of the best smart trainers and indoor cycling apps to go with them. When you combine great products like the latest Wahoo Kickr Move and software like Rouvy, you’ve got a compelling and interesting option for riding indoors. It’s no longer torture but is it enough to make you actually choose indoor riding even during the summer when an outdoor ride is calling? Keep reading to see some of the reasons that you might choose to sweat indoors instead of outdoors no matter the weather. 

Saris H3 turbo trainer and TD1 desk

Modern smart trainers allow for a whole new world of indoor training (Image credit: Josh Ross)

Uncouple your riding from the time of day

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