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The UCI is banning socks (on helmets)

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Helmetgate continues in cycling. On Monday, Visma – Lease a Bike unveiled a wild new helmet from Giro, the Aerohead II. It’s oversized and quite unique, and everyone on the Internet hated it, although apparently it is fast.

In 2023, Specialized unveiled a new helmet, the TT5. It was unique in that it had a “head sock” that was said to be faster. Well, the UCI conducted a review, and the helmet will end up in the bin with Spinacis, Spinergies and the Superman position.

It’s time to bring back Cinelli Spinaci bars (and also maybe Spinergy wheels)

Sock length 2.0

“The UCI recently informed Specialized of a review it had conducted on the head sock component of the American company’s TT5 helmet. This review was carried out to determine whether the helmet was in line with article 1.3.033 of the UCI Regulations, which prohibits the use of “non-essential” components that are not exclusively for clothing or safety purposes,” the statement read.

UCI makes huge increases for fines for non-compliant clothes (yes, sock length)

The international governing body said it conducted a thorough process, “which included consultation with Specialized, as well as examination of documentation linked to the helmet’s certification, safety instructions, and information from public sources, it was concluded that the head sock is a “non-essential” component (article 1.3.033 of the UCI Regulations). As a result, the head sock integrated into the TT5 helmet will no longer be permitted for use at events on the UCI International Calendar, effective from 2 April, 2024.”

A review into other helmets

Other helmets may be banned too. The statement made mention of the helmets used in the Tirreno-Adriatico prologue by Team Visma – Lease a Bike, ias well as the Rudy Project Windgream HL 85 helmet employed by Bahrain Victorious and the Poc Tempor helmet used by various teams, the UCI said there was concern.

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While these helmets may not directly violate existing UCI Regulations, there is a significant issue raised regarding the prevailing trend in time trial helmet design, the statement continued. According to the UCI, this trend appears to prioritize performance over the fundamental purpose of a helmet, which is to ensure the safety of the wearer in the event of a fall.

In light of these evolving situations and other challenges faced in recent years, particularly concerning…

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