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The UCI’s war on brake levers has officially begun

The UCI’s war on brake levers has officially begun

A new year means new rules. For 2024, brake levers will be checked by UCI officials to ensure they comply with the new regulations.

After witnessing a surge in increasingly extreme handlebar positions within the professional cycling scene over the past year, the UCI seems to have reached a breaking point. In November, the governing body signalled its intent to proactively address innovative methods employed by riders to enhance aerodynamics on their bikes.

Are brake hoods the new Cinelli Spinacis?

Addressing safety concerns, the UCI explained its reasoning to establish definitive regulations regarding the excessive inward tilt of brake levers. According to the international governing body, the pronounced inclination of levers not only hampers riders’ braking efficiency but also qualifies as a modification exceeding the intended use of the product. (Nothing to do with the fact that it looks really dumb, IMHO.)

Such extreme positioning will face restrictions this year, with additional regulations in 2025 mandating adherence to installation guidelines set by brake lever manufacturers.

Although specific details about these regulations and the UCI’s enforcement strategy were initially unclear, the announcement followed the governing body’s previous crackdown on alternative aero-enhancing techniques just a year ago. This move also comes after the UCI’s prohibition of the controversial “puppy paws” riding position.

The reason riders began twisting their levers was to try and workaround another recent UCI rule that limited the width of bars. Several riders had begun experimenting with a much narrower cockpit to be more aero. That changed when the gang in Switzerland limited just how narrow the bars could be.

It’s time to bring back Cinelli Spinaci bars (and also maybe Spinergy wheels)


During the first stage of the women’s Santos Tour Down Under, a video emerged of how commissaires will test the position of the hoods. A small gadget that clips on the outside of the bars and then on the other side of the hoods seems to show if the levers are within the acceptable range.

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