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Thibaut Daprela leaves Canyon after just two months on team

Thibaut Daprela jumps to Canyon Cllctv

Just when we thought a wild transfer-season was all wrapped up for the year, Thibaut Daprela dropped a shocking announcement. The rising French star is leaving his spot at Canyon Factory Racing. Daprela officially joined the team in January.

“I will race in 2024 as a privateer as it’s been decided mutually to end my partnership with Canyon Factory Racing,” is Daprela’s brief message over Instagram, closing with “See you at a race soon.”

Canyon has not yet made a public statement. Daprela has already been removed from the teams roster with the UCI, though.

Daprela joining the Canyon Cllctv was one of the better kept secrets of the transfer season. He seemed quite comfortable, and well set up for more success with Commencal / Riding Addiction. He’d started his World Cup career with the Andorran team and its roster of French riders. While the team had bad luck with injuries in 2023, and maybe a bit before that, he was one of the top riders on a small, well-supported squad. Leaving what is, in most years, one of the top World Cup teams seemed like a big move.

Canyon Factory Racing is one of the few teams that could feasibly provide Daprela with more support than Commencal/Riding Addiction. Run by Gabe Fox, the program has had continuous success for years. Joining Troy Brosnan, Luca Shaw and Millie Johnset seemed lke a solid move.

Whatever has happened between Daprela and Canyon must be serious, though. For a top rider to choose to take on the season as a privateer is a huge move. It is notoriouly difficult to race a World Cup season without team support. By all accounts, doing so is only getting harder with the new race format and organization.

There is less than two months until downhill World Cup racing starts in Fort William, Scotland. It will be interesting to see what bike Daprela shows up on that weekend and how successful he can be racing on his own.

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