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Tom van Steenbergen wins X Games RealMTB

X Games Real MTB is back and it is absolutely, totally wild

Judges awarded prizing in the second-ever X Games RealMTB video competition. Canadians took the top two spots in the five-rider competition.

Tom van Steenbergen takes the X Games RealMTB gold medal. He worked with Calvin Huth to produce his mind-blowing video. You can watch that in full below.

Matt McDuff takes second place, working with Louis Lhomel, for his mix of big air, dirt jump wizardry and old-school urban freeride. Third place goes to Dylan Stark and Tyson Traner for his old-school meets new-school freeride segment.

Inside the absolutely incredible recovery of Tom van Steenbergen

That leaves Remy Morton and Kade Edwards empty handed after the judges awards. Voting is still open for the fan favourite award, though. So, if you disagree with the judges – as many did in the first RealMTBgo vote now.

RealMTB Live Finals replay

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