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Toronto Blue Jay Kevin Kiermaier rode his bike the stadium

Toronto Blue Jay Kevin Kiermaier rode his bike the stadium

On Friday, Toronto’s new Blue Jay, Kevin Kiermaier, rode his bike to the Rogers Centre. The centre fielder signed a one-year, $9 million deal in December to join Canada’s only MLB team. He previously played for the Tampa Bay Rays. (Boooooo Tampa!)

The commute from the ballplayer’s place was 7 km, and he used an e-bike. He didn’t use the electric assist the whole time, but according to the Globe and Mail, he “cruised part of the way and didn’t burn all his energy.”

This was the first time in his 11-year career that he rode a bike to work.

“I feel like I’ve been here a lot longer than I have,” Kiermaier said. “I feel so at home. I love it. Everyone in this city has embraced me. It’s been so fun.”

His love of two wheels is a little different than Kiermaier’s boss, Mark Shapiro. In June of 2022, the Jay’s chief wrote an open letter to Toronto council asking the city to kibosh the ActiveTO road closures. The program, which began in 2020, shut down several major roads on the weekends to allow cyclists, runners and pedestrians some safe space to work out. It began at the onset of the COVID-19 program when gyms and public places were closed. The road closures allowed citizens to get fresh air and exercise in a safe, controlled area.

By the way, the Blue Jays won the series against the Tampa Bay Rays, breaking their 12-0 win streak.

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