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Trek launches fastest and lightest Madone SL yet

Trek launches fastest and lightest Madone SL yet

On Friday, Trek introduce the latest Madone SL Gen 7, with the goal of expanding the reach of its road race technology to a wider audience. Trek says that the new addition to its high-performance race bike lineup is more accessible in terms of cost, achieved through the use of a 500 Series OCLV Carbon frame, a streamlined two-piece flared RSL aero handlebar, and an RCS Pro stem. These elements maintain a lightweight, and swift design while upholding the bike’s slick appearance and performance-oriented configuration.


Incorporating a new design for shedding grams and utilizing lightweight 500 Series OCLV Carbon, the Madone SL weighs almost 300 grams less than its predecessor. It should be noted that new model is only compatible with electronic drivetrains, so there is no option for mechanical. Due to the narrow downtube, there’s also no internal storage available.

Quicker than ever

According to Trek, the new Madone SL is speedy. The bike brand claims that tests have shown it clocked in at 54 seconds per hour faster (at 45km/h) than the previous generation.

Trickle down IsoFlow tech

Utilizing Trek’s IsoFlow technology, the bike reduces weight, improves aerodynamics, and enhances comfort by minimizing the impact of road irregularities, creating a smoother and more enjoyable ride. As far as geometry, the frame uses the race-oriented H1.5 specs.

Upgraded Aerodynamics

The frame comes with a flared and aerodynamically optimized handlebar and stem. Along with an aerodynamic riding posture and the latest generation of streamlined tube shaping, Trek says the bike will help you slice through the wind, as well as putting  you in an optimal position for generating power.

The Madone SL will be accessible globally through as well as through Trek’s retail partners.

Trek Madone SL 6 Gen 7, $7,000
Trek Madone SL 7 Gen 7, $8,500
Trek Madone SL Gen 7 Frameset, $4,500

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