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UCI suspends South American Continental squad for four years

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On Monday, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) declared that its Disciplinary Commission has reached a verdict in the disciplinary case concerning Team Java – Kiwi Atlántico (also recognized as Kiwi Atlántico – Cabo de Peñas) and its members Enrique Salgueiro (ESP) and Gerardo Guzman (VEN).
According to the statement the team, a Venezuelan UCI Continental Team in 2022, “is sanctioned with both a ban from registration with the UCI and ineligibility to take part in events on the UCI International Calendar until 31 December 2028; the general manager of the team, Salgueiro, is sanctioned with a suspension from any activity in cycling until 31 December 2028 as well as a fine; and the team representative, Guzman, is sanctioned with a suspension from any activity in cycling until 31 December 2025.”

Investigation began in July 2023

In July 2023, the UCI referred a case to its Disciplinary Commission after uncovering potential irregularities in the management of Team Java – Kiwi Atlántico (also known as Kiwi Atlántico – Cabo de Peñas), including instances of misrepresentation and the creation of false documents.

The Disciplinary Commission concluded that the team and Salgueiro were accountable for two instances of fraud under article 12.4.008 of the UCI Regulations. The first involved the unauthorized use of a UCI official’s signature on an official letter, while the second concerned the submission of a false rider contract to the Venezuelan Cycling Federation, which included a rider’s signature obtained without authorization.

Falsifying information

Additionally, Salgueiro was found to have violated principles of trustworthiness and integrity by deliberately providing false information during the team’s 2022 registration process and throughout the proceedings before the Disciplinary Commission, contravening articles 12.2.001 and 12.4.017 of the UCI Regulations.

Regarding Guzman, the Disciplinary Commission determined that he colluded in circumventing the UCI Regulations on the nationality of UCI Continental Teams by registering as the team representative without fulfilling any of the associated responsibilities outlined in article 2.17.010 of the UCI Regulations. Consequently, Guzman was found to have breached articles 12.2.001 and 12.4.017 of the UCI Regulations.

The decision is subject to potential appeal before the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

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