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UCI to introduce yellow cards in pro cycling

UCI to introduce yellow cards in pro cycling

On Wednesday, the UCI announced several changes for rules in a bid to bolster safety in the pro peloton. Following a spring marred with crashes with many of the top riders in the world, the international governing body is hopeful to avoid future accidents for the rest of the season.

“The main measures are as follows: introduction of a yellow card system, restriction on wearing and using earpieces in races, modification of the three-kilometre rule, simplification of the method for calculating time gaps in stages with a bunch sprint finish,” a statement read. “All these changes will be subject to test periods, at upcoming races and until the end of the season, in collaboration with stakeholders, before being finalized and implemented.

Carton Jaune

Interestingly, the UCI will be attempting a yellow card system, similar to soccer. The idea had been floated earlier in 2024, but it seems that it will be a reality come August. The trial phase begins August 1 and goes to December 1 in both men’s and women’s races.

“These yellow cards will represent a sanction but will not physically exist. They will, however, be listed in the race communiqué published after the finish,” the statement continued. “This initiative will have a dissuasive effect on anyone present in the race convoy (riders, Sport Directors, other drivers and motorbike riders, etc.) who might engage in behaviour that could jeopardize the safety of the event. In addition, the system will aim to make all these people more responsible by introducing the monitoring of bad conduct over time and consequently encouraging respectful behaviour.”

21 dangerous incidents listed

Race Commissaires will be able to issue these yellow cards for any offence likely to pose a risk to the safety of the competition, the UCI announcement explained. There are 21 different incidents listed. “It will be possible to impose yellow cards either in addition to other sanctions set out in the table of race incidents, or as a stand-alone sanction,” the statement read. “It is important to note that the table of race incidents already provides for the possibility to disqualify a rider. This possibility is not affected by the introduction of the yellow card system.”

Won’t count during trial period

During the trial period, yellow cards will be in use without additional penalties. Accumulated yellow cards won’t result in disqualifications or suspensions in UCI WorldTour and UCI Women’s WorldTour…

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