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Uno-X to use electric team cars for Tour de France

Uno-X to use electric team cars for Tour de France

Uno-X will use electric team cars for the Tour de France in July, which marks a first in the history of the race. The Norwegian Škoda importer, as Uno-X Mobility’s car partner, released the news, saying transitioning to full electric as significant. The Enyaq offers an extended range and faster charging, which would be crucial in a three-week event that traverses the country.

“We aim to reduce CO2 emissions during major events like Tour de France by promoting greener vehicle choices,” Škoda’s Eia Linnestad said. He also added there are disparities in rural French charging infrastructure compared to Norway’s.

A step towards being more green

“While adding two electric cars among many fossil fuel vehicles is a small step towards a greener race,” he said, “it’s a step in the right direction.”

Uno-X Mobility’s two electric cars transport the team’s management, equipment, food, and drinks during the Tour de France. The goal is to showcase the feasibility of using electric vehicles and to increase their adoption in the future.

“We’ve also installed solar panels on our team bus,” Linnestad added. “This will minimize diesel generator use during the Tour de France, complementing our electric car initiative.”

The question of range for fully loaded cars

Testing the cars’ range for cycling events, which differ from normal driving or commuting, has been challenging. The Škoda Enyaq, adapted for cycling, includes special equipment like a roof rack for eight bikes and wheels, crucial for calculating range.

Tests conducted this spring confirmed the cars’ capability for stages exceeding 200 km, following recent preparations during the Critérium du Dauphiné in France.

“I was initially skeptical about using electric cars,” Uno-X Mobility’s directeur sportif, Gino Van Oudenhove, said. “But the Škoda Enyaq turned my skepticism around completely. It’s perfectly suited for cycling events, offering ample space, responsive motors, and sufficient range.”

Managing logistics during a three-week stage race is demanding for any cycling team. So Uno-X Mobility has devised a solid plan, leveraging France’s expanded network of charging stations and daily fast-charging provisions by Tour de France organizers, A.S.O.

Each team in the Tour de France is allowed two accompanying cars driven by sports directors, visible on TV trailing cyclists. These cars also carry mechanics for on-the-spot repairs. Uno-X Mobility will use a…

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