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Update on Hamilton cyclist hit-and-run investigation

Update on Hamilton cyclist hit-and-run investigation

Matthew Nicholson, a cyclist from Hamilton, Ont., expressed disappointment over the lack of action following a collision from a pick-up truck driver that left him with serious injuries.

“I feel like I’ve lost any sense of justice or safety,” Nicholson shared with CBC Hamilton. The incident occurred on May 22 in Dundas, Ont., resulting in a fractured pelvis. Hamilton police have not confirmed if charges will be filed against the driver.

A near-fatal close-pass

Nicholson recounted how the driver allegedly accelerated and intentionally close-passed him and two others, swerving within inches and striking him with the trailer. He was thrown from his bike and slid about 8 metres on the road.

“I thought I was going to die,” Nicholson said, describing the moment of impact. His brother stopped to call 911 while his friend chased after the driver, catching up at a stop sign and urging him to wait for police.

Driver then followed and filmed cyclists

Screenshot of video before author made it private

Three days later, Nicholson and his girlfriend discovered the driver’s social media profiles and a YouTube channel where a video from May 25 shows the driver, allegedly Tim Stevens, filming and harassing cyclists in Dundas. The video, posted by Stevens, has since drawn scrutiny as the same person involved in Nicholson’s incident, although it has now been made private.

David Shellnutt, Nicholson’s lawyer, expressed concern over the collision’s implications. “This incident is deeply troubling and not isolated,” Shellnutt stated, highlighting Stevens’ alleged pattern of aggressive behavior towards cyclists. “Just three days after running Matthew off the road, Mr. Stevens was back in the Sydenham Hill area. He stalked and harassed cyclists for 23 minutes, speeding, honking, and shouting at a group of cyclists, all while filming as he drove, before ultimately running a full red light himself.”

A demand for justice

Sydenham Hill, where the incidents occurred, is known for its challenging terrain and scenic views, attracting local cyclists for training.

Nicholson and Shellnutt are calling for criminal charges of negligence and assault, in addition to careless driving, arguing the collision was intentional.

Hamilton police are actively investigating the incident but have not yet confirmed if charges will be brought against Stevens, according to CHCH News.

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