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UPDATED: Canada finally has a broadcaster for 2024 World Cup mountain biking

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With just weeks remaining until the 2024 mountain bike season kicks off in Brazil (April 12-14), there is finally a way to watch World Cup racing (legally) in Canada. FloSports and Warner Bros.-Discovery (WBD) announced that the online streaming platform will host all World Cup mountain biking, including cross country, downhill, enduro and probably marathon XC, if WBD decides to provide coverage of that this year.

FloBikes subscriptions are available on a monthly or annual basis. With the 2024 World Cup calendar running from April to October, the latter is likely the better deal for mountain bike fans.


FloBikes is, of course, a subscription-based platform. In Canada, FloBikes subscriptions start at $30/month. Annual subscriptions are $150.00 (12.50/month).***

UPDATE: After publishing this story, we dutifully went to sign up for our own FloBikes account only to find out the prices quoted for a Canadian subscription are in U.S. Dollars. We double checked and this is not indicated anywhere in the small print prior to checking out. We find this, to be honest, quite annoying. FloBikes does not offer the same content in Canada as it does in the U.S., so a Canadian subscription is a different product. Putting a U.S. price for a Canadian subscription and not saying it is in USD kind of sucks. We also received e-mails from some readers that were greeted by the same rude surprise. We did not mean to mislead and quote a lower price and we sincerely apologize to anyone who this happened to. 

FloBikes doesn’t appear to give a set price conversion, either. So what you are charged may depend on how your credit card (or other payment method) decides set the exchange rate. We were charged just over CAD 200.0o, not $150. We’ve reached out to FloBikes and will try to find out more. 

World Cup racing starting in April, when the first XCO and XCC weekend lands in Brazil. Downhill starts a month later in Fort William, Scotland. Both seasons wrap up in early October at Mont-Sainte-Anne. That would be $210 (USD) on a monthly plan, making the annual pass a better deal based on watching mountain biking alone.

Some quick math will show that is not quite as cheap as GCN was last year. Definitely not as cheap as Red Bull’s decade of free coverage.

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More than mountain biking

While FloSports World Cup announcement is news, the broadcaster is just as excited to talk about the other events…

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