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USCX series steps up in absence of N.American World Cup

Maghalie Rochette wins third-straight USCX race on Day 1 of Rochester CX

Hot on the heels of UCI announcing a World Cup cyclocross calendar completely devoid of North American racing, the USCX series announced a few big changes. With a more condensed calendar and a big new sponsor, the U.S.-based series is ensuring there’s still a venue for pro cyclocross racing in North America this year.

2024 Trek USCX Series: New sponsor, new venue

The big news is that Trek is stepping in, and stepping up as the new titles sponsor for the USCX series. With that move, and with Waterloo dropping off the World Cup calendar, comes a new venue. Trek CX Cup will return to Wisconsin again this year. But it will now servec as the Trek USCX sereis finals.

Trek USCX is also condensing the four-stop series. Instead of spreading racing out over a few months, the series will run over four consecutive weekends. Organizers hope that minimizing travel costs and the time commitment required (on top of, for many riders, World Cup travel) will make it easier for top riders to attend all four events.

2024 Trek USCX sereis starts with Go Cross, which runs September 14/15 in Roanoke,Virginia. The series then heads to New York for the Rochester CX weekend on September 21/22. Charm City CX is up next in Baltimore, Maryland on September 28/29. Trek CX Cup, as mentioned, wraps up the series on October 5/6.

All USCX stopps will feature a UCI C1 event on Saturday and a UCI C2 race on Sunday.

Sidney McGill earns a big USCX podium in Rochester. Photo: Nick Iwanyshyn

A chance to race close(r) to home

With eight UCI-sanctioned races across four weekends, the Trek USCX series remains an important opportunity for North American, including Canadian cyclocross racers. It’s a chance gain experience, and UCI points, and race at a pro level without having to travel to Europe.

Canadians have fared exceptionally well at the USCX series over the past couple of seasons. Maghalie Rochette had a perfect USCX season in 2023 before heading overseas for some solid World Cup results. Those races saw her battling with fellow Canucks Sidney McGill and the Holmgren sisters, Isabella and Ava, and Jenaya Francis for podium positions. On the men’s side, last season saw Tyler Clark, Luke Valenti, Cody Scott and the now-retired-from-cyclocross Michael van den Ham all duking it out with the best U.S. racers in the series.

For details and registration head to the 2024 Trek USCX series website.

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