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Using a smart fan totally changed my indoor training workouts

Using a smart fan totally changed my indoor training workouts

Anyone who’s ridden inside knows the importance of ventilation. An open window for fresh air, coupled with a fan blowing air in your direction, is key. If you’re doing a hard session in your pain cave, you need to stay dry, avoid overheating, and stay comfortable.

Of course having lots of fluids to drink is a big part of that, but using a fan means you’ll stay hydrated even better. When you’re riding outside you have the wind blowing at you, so you get a nice breeze. Inside, however, it is very different and you need a fan.

But not all fans are the same. In fact, a great new innovation in cycling is smart fans, which regulate the wind flow based on your heart rate and exertion. When you go harder, there’s more air, when you go slower, there’s less.

Temperature regulation

First and foremost, effective ventilation helps regulate temperature and humidity levels. Indoor cycling generates significant heat, and without proper airflow, the room can quickly become stifling. Elevated temperatures can not only make the training experience uncomfortable but also increase dehydration and overheating. Proper ventilation makes sure that the ambient temperature remains within a comfortable range, meaning the overall training experience is way better.

Elite’s Aria Smart Fan dynamically adapts, automatically aligning with the intensity and data of your workouts. It works by automatically regulating the airflow according to your speed, power, heart rate, and body temperature.

Staying dry

Good ventilation helps in reducing accumulated moisture. When you’re going hard inside, you’ll pretty soon become a sweaty mess if you don’t have good airflow. Moisture can linger in the air, leading to a damp and clammy environment. This not only contributes to discomfort but also creates an ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew. Effective ventilation helps prevent the buildup of excessive humidity, maintaining a dry and hygienic training space. The Aria has 10 adjustable positions (0° to 50°) so the airflow can hit a wide area on your body to make sure you stay dry,

Air quality

In addition to temperature and moisture control, ventilation plays a crucial role in managing air quality. Indoor cycling can stir up dust and particulate matter, especially in environments with poor ventilation. Breathing in such air can have adverse effects on respiratory health. Proper ventilation ensures the continuous exchange of fresh, clean air, reducing the concentration of…

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