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Vado? Como? What about Tero? Specialized e-bikes explained

Specailized e-bike

Specialized Active E-bikes

Specialized is one of the biggest and most recognisable bike brands out there. As such, we are often asked for advice from people who are considering buying a Specialized bike. 

This guide is designed to offer simple, easy-to-understand product information and buying advice for Specialized’s flat bar e-bike range. You can also check out our Specialized road bikes guide if that is of interest too. The bikes in this guide are electric hybrid, city or mtb-style bikes that can help you with a range of different cycling. From commuting to work to save money and time, carrying shopping or just saving effort and maximising the time you have during the average day. They also just put a smile on your face, riding around on an e-bike is pretty fun. If you’re seriously looking into an e-bike, you can also use the Specialized Turbo range calculator to see which bike battery ranges will meet your needs.

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