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Vancouver woman sues ebike and battery companies after husband killed in fire

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A Vancouver woman is suing multiple ebike and e-scooter companies over a fatal fire in 2022 that she claims resulted in her partner’s death. Kellyann Sharples’ lawsuit alleges that faulty lithium-ion batteries caused the death of her spouse, Tim Lilley.

Fire occurred in Vancouver apartment

According to a report by the CBC, The fire occurred in their downtown Vancouver apartment on Jan. 31, 2022, according to a statement of claim filed in provincial court last Tuesday. Sharples’ lawsuit targets Vancouver-based e-scooter vendor Motorino, Surrey-based repair shop Royer Batteries, Toronto-based ebike distributor Daymak, and Chinese manufacturer Shenzhen Minjyu Energy Technology. Allegations include the ignition of the fire by defective lithium-ion batteries, leading to rapid and erratic spread.

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Although the CBC reached out to the Canadian defendants, none could be reached for comment.

Fire turned battery packs into projectiles

“The fire was ignited by a defective lithium-ion battery. Jets of flaming gas venting from the tops of cells in lithium-ion battery packs turned each into a tiny, unguided metal rocket,” Sharples’ lawsuit read. “Ejected from the battery pack by the explosion of neighbouring cells, these loose cells ricocheted around the room, igniting new fires and spreading the blaze rapidly and erratically.”

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Sharples also describes her harrowing escape from the fire and the subsequent physical and psychological injuries she suffered. She seeks compensation for loss of support, care, and funeral expenses.

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