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Wahoo launches new Kickr, it’s not what anyone expected

Wahoo launches new Kickr, it's not what anyone expected

Wahoo has today unveiled the Kickr Run, which it calls a smart treadmill. It is the latest product in the brand’s Kickr lineup, but it’s not like anything else the that bears the Kickr name. 

Wahoo says it will “transform indoor running in the same way that the Kickr Smart Trainer did for cyclists.”

Since its inception in 2009, Wahoo has been a brand that focused almost exclusively on cycling. As a result, it is a brand that resonates strongly with our readers. The Elemnt Rival smartwatch had features that catered to triathletes, and in our guide to the best heart rate monitors, the Tickr X was titled the best for cyclists who run, but pretty much every product the brand launched would, at least in part, cater to its core audience of cyclists. With the Kickr Run, that’s set to change. 

Wahoo Kickr Run

Wahoo says the Kickr Run can tilt in both planes, increasing gradient as well as mimicking cambered roads (Image credit: Wahoo)

Wahoo Kickr Run details

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