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Watch: A deer jumped over the group at the George Hincapie Gran Fondo

A deer flies over the group at the Gran Fondo Hincapie

As cyclists, we know all about obstacles. Drivers, potholes, glass, other rides…but what about a deer flying over you, centimetres from your head?

At the Gran Fondo Hincapie on Oct. 21, in Greenville, South Carolina, riders were shocked to see just that.

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The event is just one of many run by George Hincapie, former Tour de France stage winner and USPRO national champion. All of the riders were shocked but it happened so fast many didn’t even realize what had happened until they reviewed the footage. In an email to Canadian Cycling Magazine, Hincapie said it was right at the of the pre-ride to the fondo itself. “It happened just after we had left the hotel.I was just a few riders in front of the deer,” Hincapie said. “It was pretty crazy!”

Edwin Gonzalez Montoya was right there and his helmet cam captured the moment. In the video, you can see Hincapie is riding on the left, just ahead of him. The former pro sees the deer and even ducks–but the four-legged jumper easily cleared them.

Check it out below!

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