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Watch how much faster WorldTour riders are than regular cyclists, part deux

Pros ride by amatuers in Colombia

Once again, pros gave a fine demonstration of their power at Rigoberto Urán’s Gran Fondo in Colombia, the El Giro de Rigo. Several WorldTour riders came to ride in the event, including superstar Wout van Aert and Sergio Higuita García.

At a Grand Tour, pros can hold speeds ranging from 50-55 km/h in a time trial. An average rider in a local chrono might achieve speeds of about 35-40 km/h.

How long could you last in a WorldTour race?

During a flat stage of a top race, it’s common to see domestiques setting the pace at the front of the peloton, maintaining speeds between 45 and 50 km/h for kilometre after kilometre.

In a final sprint, riders can generate watts well over 1500 in the dash to the finish line.

All-rounder Sergio Higuita García put on a show for local cyclists when he launched down the road, taking some of his fellow pros in tow. Just watch the difference in speed as the blast past the non-pro fondo riders.

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