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Watch this poor rider literally eat sh*t today in a crash

A cyclist crashes into manure

Listen, not gonna lie, I’ve waited my whole life to write this headline. Stan Dewulf of AG2R Citroën Team was going a little too hot into a right-hander at the Grand Prix de Denain in France on Thursday, and crashed into a pile of manure. The 1.1 event is also part of the French Road Cycling Cup. The commentator minced no words. “This is going to be smelly!”

Thankfully, he was okay afterward, apart from, you know, smelling from crashing into the crap mountain. Juan Sebastián Molano won the 194 km race, but Dewulf won our hearts.

This Australian kid just squared himself on his bike on live TV

Check out his homage to the classic manure scene in Back to the Future below.

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