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Why is Unbound Gravel mud so bad, how can racers cope, and can we predict where the worst sections will be in 2024?

John Borstelmann got his bike and himself powerwashed in the pits after getting bogged down in the early muddy section.

With Unbound Gravel 2024 fast approaching, the attention of all concerned is on whatever the most favorable weather forecast is. Last year’s edition of the biggest gravel race of the year was defined by mud. Sticky, claggy, and often unrideable mud sections that began from mile ten and served to clog up drivetrains and turn all tyres into slicks.

The forecast is, sadly, not hugely favorable at the moment. The route is heading north this year, which it has only done in 2019 and 2021, both of which were run in the dry. Kristi Mohn, Marketing Manager for the Life Time GP says:

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