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WorldTour team kits 2024 – The definitive ranking

WorldTour team kits 2024 - The definitive ranking

January is relatively miserable, provided you’re in the northern hemisphere. For cycling fans though it means that the WorldTour peloton is now showcasing new tech, new bikes, and most importantly for this article, new kit. The jerseys of the world’s pro cycling teams are now all out there in the wild, and we’ve done our usual mass office vote to bring you the definitive rankings. 

There are some big changes, some unusual colour palettes, and new sponsor decals to shoehorn into already crowded visual spaces. While others may claim to bring you an official kit ranking, none offer what I’m bringing you: Scathing comments from my mother. 

She is a regular cyclist, but doesn’t pay much attention to racing beyond the Tour de France, so it’s about as objective a viewpoint as you’re ever likely to get. Keep reading to see who ranked where, which teams have moved up and down, and which jersey my mum thinks “looks like a urine sample”.

2024 kit rankings

(Image credit: Visma Lease-a-Bike)

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