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Zipp releases photos debunking hookless rim failure after De Gendt crash

Sarah Gigante (Movistar) on her way to stage and overall victory on stage 3 of the Bright Brewery Tour of Bright

One of the biggest headlines of the past few weeks has surrounded the dramatic pictures of Thomas De Gendt’s bike propped against a barrier at the UAE Tour, its front wheel splashed with sealant, the Vittoria tyre off the rim, and a tyre insert, which began the day inside the tyre, exposed and jammed between the wheel and the fork. So far the thread that connected all those headlines is that no one knew for sure what happened. 

Since the crash happened, De Gendt, Zipp, and Vittoria have all confirmed in separate statements that an impact was at fault, citing an errant rock as the guilty party, but so far, there’s been no evidence. 

Today, that changes. After in-house analysis, Zipp has shared images with Cyclingnews, showing the wheel in question dramatically damaged with a sizeable crack across the tyre bed. 

Broken Zipp NSW 353

(Image credit: Zipp)

Upon seeing these images, our thoughts returned to the aforementioned shots of De Gendt’s bike. Despite all the furore and ongoing debate, there was very little discussion of a damaged rim, and surely a crack of this size would have been noticeable. 

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