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Are tax incentives for bike buyers a good thing?

Are tax incentives for bike buyers a good thing?

In 2021, Toronto Councillor Mike Layton put forth a motion to amend the city’s latest bike plan to include tax incentives for both traditional and e-bikes. Layton is a cyclist himself and has been involved with much of the increase in bike infrastructure in Toronto.  The amendment is to “add financial incentives for purchasing all bikes, e-bikes and other non-carbon vehicles that are approved for use on City of Toronto road ways and cycling infrastructure.”

2020 and 2021 saw a massive uptick in cycling, and has resulted in many more people using their bike as primary transportation across Canada. There’s also been a surge of e-bikes as a method of transportation or for delivery services. Cities across Canada have begun pilot projects with delivery services like FedEx, grocery or retail stores.

Ebikes are now exempt from PST in B.C.

Bicycles are a much more environmentally friendly resource than cars, so it makes sense that a payment or tax might make sense as both a reward for those who choose to ride, instead of drive. Additionally, with traffic levels returning to pre-pandemic levels, there is an urgent need to reduce car traffic in urban centres. It has been proven that bikes take up far less room than cars in cities, and more people using their bike as opposed to a car would alleviate much of the gridlock.

In many places, there are already tax incentives or credits either in place, or being floated for electric cars. Many cyclists wonder why the same shouldn’t apply not just e-bikes, but traditional rides as well.

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