Saturday, 4 February 2023

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Ask a cycling coach: ‘Most training plans are too specific – how can I improve all areas of my cycling?

Team Bottrill 4.2 TT

Nowadays there are so many off-the-shelf training plans available online for athletes. Most of them promise to improve one element of performance, be it VO2 max or FTP. Now, not only should these claims be taken with a pinch of salt, but what happens if your cycling goal is that you just want to get a bit better at everything? Cycling coach James Spragg explains how to go about becoming a better all-round cyclist.

Sports scientist and coach James Spragg is one of the experts who will be answering your questions in Cycling Weekly’s ASK A CYCLING COACH series which comes out every Wednesday. Working both in research and applied settings, he currently runs Intercept Performance Consultancy

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