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Behind the scenes at the Giro d’Italia

Woods Pickrell

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This episode was just getting polished up as both Michael Woods and Riley Pickrell were involved in crashes in Stage 5 of the Giro d’Italia. Before the start of Stage 6, Woods presented symptoms of a mild concussion. The team made the decision that he should leave the race, head home and recover fully. Even though Pickrell was feeling well, he, too, didn’t start Stage 6 in case of concussion. While the interviews in this episode were recorded at the start of the Giro, they will still give you insights into the riders we all care about, including what might be ahead for Woods this year as his career is winding down.

So, go behind the scenes of the Giro d’Italia with Michael Woods, Riley Pickrell and others at Israel-Premier Tech. Also, take a ride in the Israel-Premier Tech team car. Directeur sportif Oscar Guerrero offers support to Pickrell on his first Giro stage and shares his knowledge about riders and Grand Tour racing.

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