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UCI does an about-face about Tadej Pogačar’s skinsuit

The real reason Tadej Pogačar was wearing mismatching shorts on Stage 3

Would you look at that! The gang in Switzerland changed their mind about Tadej Pogacar’s leader’s skinsuit. According to GCN, members of the UCI met with Castelli–who makes the kit for the Giro competitions–and decided on Wednesday night that Pogi can wear the previously verboten outfit.

The controversial cuissards

During Stage 3, Tadej Pogačar sported a unique maglia rosa skinsuit featuring a pink jersey paired with ciclamino-colored bibs. Initially, there was speculation about a possible mix-up, given the shorts’ resemblance to the sprint leader’s jersey.

“The organizers gave us the skinsuit, so I put it on, but then we got a call from the UCI saying that it is not allowed,” Pogačar explained.

The reason behind Pogačar’s unconventional shorts became apparent: while resembling the sprint kit, they were actually a homage to the Torino soccer team. RCS intended to honor the 75th anniversary of the Superga air disaster, a tragic event involving a plane crash that claimed the lives of the entire Torino FC team.

UCI gets big mad

However, the UCI disapproved, citing the requirement for the leader’s kit to be fully coordinated. CEO of RCS Sport, Paolo Bellino, disagreed with the decision from officials in Lausanne. Bellino said they were well within the rules.

“We made a pink jersey with garnet, (dark reddish-brown shade, which is the colour of the Torino jersey) shorts, which recalls the great start on May 4,” Bellino said afterward. “In my opinion, absolutely as per the rules, we have matching colours. It is clear that it is a little different from that of the past but in my opinion, and in Castelli’s opinion, we are perfectly compliant with the regulation which talks about harmonization and matching. In my opinion, the two colours match and are harmonized together.”

Drama over duds

After the meeting with the UCI, race organizers and commissaires were informed of the decision.

This was quite a change from a few days ago. As reported by Cyclingnews, the UCI expressed strong disapproval of the kit. Following the stage, race officials contacted UAE Team Emirates and warned them that if Pogačar appeared on Tuesday wearing the same pink and purple outfit, he would be ejected from the race.

During Stage 4, a group of UCI officials approached Pogačar’steam bus, demanding why he was wearing a mismatching skinsuit. UAE Team Emirates’ Joxean Fernández Matxín, explained that it was the skinsuit provided by the race…

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