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Critérium du Dauphiné stage 7 Live – Summit finish GC battle

Critérium du Dauphiné stage 7 Live - Summit finish GC battle


Roglič takes the win!

Roglič has a gap, but Jorgenson’s closing down on him.

He’s caught, and now Roglic goes

Lazkano attacks!

Vlasov is finished, and De Plus has been dropped with him

Lazkano is on his wheel, followed by Roglič

Buitrago attacks!

Vlasov is gasping for breath, he can’t have much left.


Romo is being dropped now from the peloton, and Landa too is struggling.

Evenepoel is now longer gaining time on the peloton, but has held his deficit at 1-15.

Still its Vlasov setting the pace, and still the ten riders follow him.


Soler is having a horrible time out there. He can’t find any rythem on these gradients, and is swaying from one side of the road to the next.

Those 11 riders are: Vlasov, Roglic, Jorgenson, Landa, Ciccone, Buitrago, Rodriguez, De Plus, Lazkano, Romo and Gee.

Vlasov is back at the front of the peloton. The group’s a little smaller again, with just 11 riders left.

Meanwhile Evenepoel is 1-10 behind the peloton, and has actually clawed back some time in the last few minutes. His place on the podium is still in jeopardy, however.

A change in the peloton as Buitrago takes over at the front from Vlasov. The Colombian is clearly feeling much better than yesterday.

Soler is reall struggling on the climb, and is losing time fast. It’s a big ask for him to hold on, with a lead of just 1-30.

The remnants of the break have been caught by this fast approaching peloton and jettisoned out. Soler is the only man left ahead of them now.

Landa, Scotson, Buitrago and Romo are also still in the peloton.

There are only twelve riders left in the peloton: Vlasov, Roglič, Jorgenson, Gee, Ciccone, Lazkano, De Plus and Rodriguez…

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