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Devinci Global Racing exits Enduro World Cup scene

Devinci Global Racing Eastern Townships

At least two Canadian riders will be looking for new homes next year as Devinci Global Racing steps back from the Enduro World Cup scene. DGR is the second team this week to announce that it will not continue with the EDR after this weekend’s final round in Châtel wraps up the 2023 season.

Calgary’s Evan Wall announced the team was ending its run at the Enduro World Cup, formerly the Enduro World Series, as he thanked the Quebec brand for the last two years of support. Wall added that he is “not 100% sure what the plan is for the coming years yet, but one way or another I’ll be continuing to race bikes!”

It is yet unclear where DGR’s exit from enduro leaves Georgia Astle, the other Canadian full member of the team. Astle has focused more on freeride events and Crankworx racing over the past year than the enduro circuit. The team’s exit will also mean Elly Hoskin may have less support for overseas events next year. The Corsa racer, currently second overall in the under-21 women’s standings behind fellow Canadian Emmy Lan, rides Devinci bikes and has had support from the team at EDR events.

Devinci’s exit from international enduro also leaves Irish national champ and four-year veteran of DGR Greg Callaghan without a team.

“All good things must come to an end, and thsi weekend marks the end of the road for Devinci Global Racing as we know it,” Callaghan posted, adding “Devinci has an exciting direction in mind for the futre and Enduro World Cup racing unfortunately doesn’t fit with that right now.”

As for his own plans, Callaghan added he does not yet have a new team, but he will be back in 2024. “All I know is that this definitely isn’t the end of racing for me. I’ll be back next year, whether it’s in my van or under a team tent is still TBC. I’ve been here since the start, and I’ll be here for another while yet!”

Devinci Global Racing transitioned from splitting its focus on downhill and enduro two years ago, dropping its long-running downhill program. Exiting the EDR marks another step back from international racing for the Canadian brand’s storied racing program. That program once included iconic Canadian downhill racer Stevie Smith and, years before that, a strong cross country racing team.

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