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Dylan Sheffer is beyond reason in ‘Attainment’

Dylan Sheffer is beyond reason in 'Attainment'

Dylan Sheffer is a rider’s rider. Deeply committed to the sport and pushing his riding to unthinkable heights, but on his own terms. You may never see his name on the Rampage live feed, but every rider on that podium knows Sheffer’s name. Attainment, Sheffer’s latest reel of absolutely wild riding, shows why.

If Red Bull Rampage is freeride’s biggest, most public-facing stage, the backwoods of B.C. are the sports proving grounds. Where riders – both stars of the sport and those with little industry support and less interest in the spectacle of live broadcasts and judged events – practice their craft.

Attainment is freeride, pure and simple. Enjoy.

Dylan Sheffer – Attainment

What else is there to say about Attainment

Attainment is synonymous with accomplishment—setting a goal and conquering it. Dylan Sheffer epitomizes this spirit as he embarked on a mission to construct a series of trails deep within the forests of British Columbia. With a dedicated group of close friends by his side, they crafted some of the finest trails, featuring a crazy 40 x 55ft step-down that promises to keep you thoroughly entertained. 

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