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James Corden got told off for leaving his rental bike outside restaurant

James Corden

James Corden got a bit of a scolding for his bike parking skills in London on Monday. This latest brouhaha is his second bit of trouble in the city in just over a year, following a skirmish he had while riding with his wife Julia Carey in 2022.

According to the top-notch media outlet Express, Corden was approached by a doorman when he left his rented e-bike outside a restaurant. The report said the 45-year-old was out exploring the city after returning to the UK. He wrapped up his Late Show gig in L.A. earlier in 2023 and has since moved back.

Photographs show the host having a face-off with a staff member, who was picking up the bike to move it to a more suitable spot. Apparently the place where Corden left it was in the way of other patrons.

Even with the awkward encounter, James remained in good spirits and continued enjoying the sunny day in London, the report said.

This isn’t the first time Corden has found himself in a bit of a gherkin while riding in the city. In 2022, a video surfaced showing him getting frustrated with another cyclist who apparently caused him to fall onto the road. The Sun did a thorough analysis of the incident.

A spectator said that he was livid. “This young cyclist just darted across the road and sent him flying,” the person told The Sun. It must have really taken him by surprise. He had no cuts or bruises but it must have hurt. He ticked off the cyclist who said ‘sorry’. Everyone just stopped and stared when they realized who it was.”

Are you a fan of British tabloids, celebrity gossip, and bikes?s Well you’re in luck. You can check out photos of the whole incident from Tuesday here.

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