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Just a bonkers video of a teenager trying to race a train on a level crossing

Belgian cyclist skirts death by train

This is very much a “Don’t try this at home” article—or away from home, or anywhere, ever, at any time.

On Tuesday morning in Wevik, Belgium, a teenager decided to tempt fate and cross the tracks at the closed level crossing just as the train was approaching. The gates were down, which, as we all know, means, you know, stop and wait? But nope! Dude decided to go for it. Consequently, the lad made it through but clipped at the last second by the roaring train. He fell and sustained minor injuries to his head. He was promptly transported to the hospital but has since been discharged.

The incident was captured by closed-camera television cameras and Wervik’s mayor, Youro Casier, has confirmed the details.

“I was informed of the circumstances,” Casier stated. “The cyclist ignored all signage: the bell signal, the red lights, and the closed barriers. He has put himself in a very dangerous situation. The fact that he is only slightly injured is a blessing in disguise. I hope he recovers quickly, and that this can be an important lesson for everyone. We must try to avoid such accidents as much as possible. Age does not play a role in this. Every road user has their own responsibility. If you take such a risk, you are putting your life at risk. It still happens too often that closed level crossings are ignored.”

If you want to watch this incredibly irresponsible act, check it out below. Hopefully the young man learned something from his near-death. Also hopefully, he hasn’t watched the Final Destination films. (If you know, you know.)

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