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Bibic wins the 2023 UCI track Champions League endurance title

Bibic wins the 2023 UCI track Champions League endurance title

Dylan Bibic took four victories in five rounds of the 2023 UCI Track Champions League to claim the men’s endurance title after Saturday’s final round in London, England. Maggie Coles-Lyster and Sarah van Dam’s consistancy and their one-two in the Paris scratch race earned them fifth and sixth overall in the women’s endurance.

The Standings Overnight

Bibic led Brit William Tidball–who stacked a packet of points on Friday–by 16 points at the top of the endurance table. Guillemette was 10th. Both Coles-Lyster and van Dam moved up in the women’s endurance category on Friday to fourth and sixth respectively.

As usual during the season, Kelsey Mitchell and Laurianne Genest were the first of the Canadian contingent to compete in the women’s individual sprint first round. Genest was put with world champion Emma Finucane of Great Britain and Friday’s keirin victor, Daniela Gaxiola of Mexico. Genest led out over the first couple of laps before Gaxiola blasted around the outside. Neither Canadian nor Brit could catch her. Mitchell drew rising German star Alessa-Catriona Propster and a Dutch rider, who immediately attacked. Mitchell did most of the work to bring her back before the final lap, and then Propster prevailed.

Gaxiola beat the wary duo of Genest and Propster.

Bibic’s first big moment came in the men’s scratch. Bibic, in the light blue leader’s kit, marked Tidball at the start of 20 laps. A trio took a small gap with 11 laps remaining. Another fellow joined them. Two of the fugitives were Brits, and they went one-two. Bibic placed sixth, far enough ahead of Tidball in tenth to claim the endurance title.

Bibic after the Saturday’s scratch race.

Van Dam and Coles-Lyster’s women’s scratch race was orderly at the beginning of 20 laps. Daniela Gaxiola’s sister Antonieta attacked with 15 laps remaining. Endurance category leader Katie Archibald made a surge to bring her back, with second-place Anita Stenberg trying to hold her wheel. However, it would be two others joining Gaxiola. Neah Evans of Great Britain took the victory, Coles-Lyster fifth behind Archibald and van Dam seventh.

Coles-Lyster congratulates Evans after the scratch.

Bibic entered the men’s elimination with one hand on the endurance trophy, a far cry from the 11th place he achieved in 2022. Just after the first fellow got the pull, there was a solo crash. After three eliminations, Bibic was the champ. Guillemette and then Bibic were given the hook…

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