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MyWhoosh launches new initiative for female cyclists to celebrate int’l women’s day

MyWhoosh launches new initiative for female cyclists to celebrate int’l women’s day

MyWhoosh has introduced a new dedicated women’s initiative for 2024. It seeks to inspire increased participation of women in virtual rides and races, and hopes to foster engagement in community events and challenges.

To commemorate International Women’s Day and the initiation of the women’s program, MyWhoosh is organizing a virtual cycling group workout with live coaching. This event invites users worldwide to come together in support of women’s cycling on March 9.

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To accommodate varying time zones, two sessions are scheduled for participation at 7 a.m. GMT and 3 p.m. GMT on March 9.

This event also coincides with the launch of MyWhoosh’s live coaching feature. Acknowledging the significance of diverse coaching and workout content, MyWhoosh is also introducing a Video-on-demand feature. A series of VOD coached workouts will be released, ensuring an equal distribution of female and male-led sessions. The video-on-demand feature aims to provide users with inclusive and empowering content for improvement.

The continuation of progress for women’s cycling

The unveiling of MyWhoosh’s women’s initiative coincides with a crucial period for women’s cycling. With the resurgence of events like the Tour de France Femmes and improvements in conditions for elite female cyclists, there is a growing momentum to address disparities within the sport. Despite progress at the WorldTour level, challenges persist for many female cyclists at the elite level, including unequal pay and limited access to professional development opportunities.

MyWhoosh will also have equal prize funds for men and women in its events. The platform offers female riders an opportunity to excel and potentially earn money through cycling esports. This aims to help foster a community where women can thrive in virtual cycling.

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Equal prize money in race series

MyWhoosh continues to have its Sunday Race Club (SRC), featuring competition and prize money. The SRC upholds gender equality by ensuring both male and female racers receive equal prize money in qualifier races and monthly finals.

Additionally, MyWhoosh has a library of training plans and workouts tailored to cyclists of all levels, enabling users to efficiently achieve their fitness goals.

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