Saturday, 4 February 2023

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Peter Jamison’s 9,155-mile quest for perfect trails in ‘Must Be A Dream’

Peter Jamison rides in Must be a Dream

Canadian mountain bikers flee snow-bound trails to find off-season dirt but, in Utah, Peter Jamison needed to get out of the heat. As the desert temperatures started to soar, the Marzocchi rider headed out on the road to chase perfect trail conditions all summer.

“In 2021, I was living in Utah in my van from the beginning of the year until around May, at which point it began to get a bit warm for my liking, so I decided to drive across the country to Highland Mountain Bike Park for a few months,” Jamison says. “After a few months in New Hampshire, I needed a change of pace and headed to Winter Park, CO, for a few weeks before heading back to Utah in September when the weather was perfect. Looking back at this summer, I thought two things: damn, I am super spoiled to be able to chase perfect riding conditions all the time, and I should probably do this again and make a story about it!”

Jamison on home turf. Photo: Jared Hardy

Life on the road isn’t perfect, though. A dead alternator in the small town of Henderson, Nebraska made for an expensive tow and a three-day stay in Grand Island waiting for repairs.

“After 3 days in a hotel, they got my truck fixed. To add insult to injury, literally less than a quarter mile from the dealership at a nearby intersection, I got hit by another vehicle when I was at a stop.”

Well, life can’t be perfect. But t least the trails look amazing.

Must Be A Dream ft. Peter Jamison

What’s Marzocchi say about its road-tripping ripper?

From his home in Utah, Peter Jamison decided that May was the perfect time to initiate a cross-country migration to cooler climates. With a long-haul drive to his old stomping ground in New Hampshire, a stopover in Colorado and a return to Utah for the best conditions possible in September, Jamison made sure to get the best possible harvest of hero dirt for 2022.

Sounds dreamy.

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