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Several motorists are apparently targeting Oakland cyclists and dooring them

Several motorists are apparently targeting Oakland cyclists and dooring them

Multiple cyclists in the Bay area have been strategically doored by drivers, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. According to riders of the East Bay Bike Party, drivers would ride beside cyclists and then try to hit cyclists with their open doors. According to the riders, 14 were targeted, with eight being hit. The cyclists who have witnessed the assaults are dumbfounded at the possible motivation, but say it is “terroristic in nature.”

Driver laughed after assault

One of the victims, Ellie Mead was hit and suffered a serious head injury. She was attacked Saturday by a passenger dooring her as she rode.

“I have eight stitches and this big gash in my forehead. There was this gray sedan. A passenger on the passenger side opened the door and slowed down the car.” Mead told FOX KTVU. “My bike rammed right into it. I fell to the ground. They drove away. As they drove away they were laughing.”

Police investigation in Bay area

The Oakland Police Department confirmed they are investigating a collision where a cyclist was involved in a collision.

But that’s not the only collision. Several victims were allegedly hit en route to an East Bay Bike Party on Saturday night. Footage from a doorbell video showed an assault where a motorist purposely increased its speed and then up and chased after a victim.

The suspected motorist was driving a grey Hyundai Elantra Sedan, according to witnesses.

Another similar collision occurred in Berkeley, California on Thursday. An SUV hit a cyclist, seemingly on purpose. Watson Ladd was riding his bike home from work when the assault happened.

“This is very scary. It’s criminal. I mean the people doing it should really think about the consequences here. They pulled ahead after the roundabout. As they passed they opened their door smacking me in the shoulder and just drove off,” Ladd said.

Riders from the EB Bike Party believe the attacks may be being done by stolen cars. The motorists suspected in the attacks have been driving Hyundais or Kias, which are apparently often stolen.

The EB Bike Party released a statement following the multiple incidents. “Make no mistake, these were violent, targeted attacks with…

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