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Zwift announces new features and pricing changes

Zwift announces new features and pricing changes

On Tuesday, Zwift announced some additional features as well as changes in prices. The increased price is the first since locking the cost in 2017. According to the company, the subscription fee has allowed the online training program to to develop the platform further in an effort to make the experience better for the users.

There have been many changes over the years. Things like Group Workouts and Flexible Training Plans Robo Pacers, or the Climb Portal.

For summer of 2024, there will be more updates coming for Zwifters.

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“The Grade” is a strategic climb designed to determine your FTP in just 10-25 minutes. Based on FTP test data, Zwift has crafted this climb to offer a quicker alternative to traditional FTP tests. Rolling out in June, it offers a chance to shorten the test duration if you can conquer it in under 20 minutes.

The heads-up display update allows users to personalize their display, showing pertinent information like speed, average power, W/kg, cadence, and heart rate. Responding to user feedback, Zwift will introduce the new ‘Climb Mode’ display, addressing one of the top three user requests.

The new “My List” feature will enable Zwifters to queue up to 25 workouts and rides in advance of their workout.

Zwift’s also will now offer users enhanced flexibility in their training approach, catering to individual preferences and structured plans. This API functions akin to established third-party connections like TrainingPeaks, allowing these platforms to synchronize with Zwift‘s interface. As a result, users can conveniently access their personalized “for you” carousel, populated with a week or month of upcoming workouts, depending on the external platform’s settings.

Price changes

New pricing is now active for new subscribers. Existing monthly subscribers will transition to the new price on their upcoming billing date after June 6, while current annual plan members will experience the updated pricing upon their next renewal date.

In Canada prices will now be $25 plus taxes if you have the monthly subscription, with the yearly coming in at $250.

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